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Clients of Nebula Software, projects completed by Nebula Software, education, honors, and work history are listed below chronologically.

VERASONICS, INC. [08/01 - 01/14]

(Revolutionary ultrasound device:
First member to join the team.  Numerous development support areas applied to get multiple products from conception to market.

I was the sole provider for many aspects of the company development and greatly contributed to other areas.  Areas included design of the development environment, software architecture, and information technology support structure.  I helped take the company from a one-person garage hobby to a worldwide leader of ultrasound research products including the "V1" and "Vantage" systems.

I performed many roles which included the following:

Software Developer

  • Hardware Abstraction Layer software that communicates directly to hardware.  6 Operating System platforms supported.
  • Diagnostic software tool for internal and external customers
  • Support tools for build environment, website and server data exchange, and internal development environment

Software Release Engineer

  • Created automated installers for 6 operating systems (variations of Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Created automated software product build system
  • Revision control system design and maintenance using Subversion and custom tools
  • Automated customized archive releases to over 100 customers which included installers, documentation, source code
  • Automated website download areas for each customer

Information Technologist - Server Side

  • Nebula Software hosted, installed, developed, and maintained server software for emails, websites, shared internet folders, customer downloads, Verasonics employee network accounts, revision control system, issue tracking system, internal and external customer database
  • Automated server side custom support tools
  • Organized and archived of all development support software packages 

Information Technologist - Client Side

  • Designed, implemented, installed, and maintained multi-OS bootable computers (Linux, Mac, Windows). Equivalent of about 60 computers.
  • Backups, OS and third party software updates, disk maintenance, OS migration, license management, remote accessibility
  • Automatic disk imaging system designed, implemented, documented, maintained

Customer Support Representative

  • Answered customer technical support issues
  • Remotely installed software on customer computer and provided debug and training

Technical Writer

  • Verasonics software documentation, customer shipment, development environment, debugging instructions, multi-boot installation
  • HAL API User Guide
  • General product documentation
  • Internal design specifications

Web Designer

  • Verasonics employee "Members Only" website
  • Internal and external customer database
  • Documentation access
  • Support software tool archive access
  • Customer installer download access 

Instructional Trainer

  • Trained Verasonics members on software, tools, OSs, development environment, Verasonics computers, networking, remote access, installations, issue tracking, revision control system

License Manager

  • License management for third party tools

NEBULA CREATIONS [09/04 - 03/05]

Boyd Edmondson's invention.  Product invention from conception to prototype completion.  Boyd Edmondson created a second company, Nebula Creations, for creating products for commercial sale.  See NebulaCreations for the Quasar product.



(An outstanding leader in the Massage Therapy arena:
Information technology support

Nebula Software provided consultation for information technology growth and implementation for Bothell Integrated Health.


(Kaufman Chiropractic is a leader in professional chiropractic care:
Information technology support

Nebula Software performed network configuration, new computer installations, computer software and hardware maintenance, and various information technology support for Kaufman Chiropractic.  Kaufman Chiropractic referred Nebula Software to Bothell Integrated Health, a company housed in the same building as Kaufman Chiropractic.

APPLIED PRECISION, LLC [05/04 – 08/04]

(Imaging, measurement and analysis systems for life science research:
Created multi-platform FTP package, GUI enhancements and optimizations

I created a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) package that could be integrated into their existing software suite, “softWoRx Personal Desktop”. With several contract extensions, I enhanced and optimized areas of the product’s graphical user interface (GUI) and resolved almost 200 software issues to meet product requirements and a new release deadline.

softWoRx Explorer 

PHILIPS ULTRASOUND, INC. [08/02 – 12/03]

(A subsidiary of Philips:
Created software configuration, automated deployment and maintenance for over 300 computers

I provided Philips’ Engineering department with a standardized software environment. This included design and implementation of a system to aid in deployment and maintenance of over 300 computers. Hard disk drive images were created with operating system, applications, device drivers, etc. all pre-installed, configured, and optimized. I created automated and semi-automated tools to deploy the images.

To help keep the computers up-to-date between the time they may get re-imaged with a newer version of the hard disk image, patches were created to update the computers. An automated client-server tool that I designed and implemented remotely applied the patches. The tool uses remote Java application technology to have client computers automatically download arbitrary code for local execution.

I also provided a website which allows users to dynamically identify patch installations for their computers and up-to-the-second query access to all server database information about all client computers. The Java enabled web also allows Administrators to easily release new patches and administer the tool.

At one point, an estimation of the time and effort saved by using my tool over the previous techniques showed that Philips had saved over 10 million dollars in two years.


INTERSONICS, INC. [07/01 – 04/03]

(Revolutionary ultrasound development startup company.  Later became Verasonics, Inc.)
Creation of an ultrasound software simulator

Intersonics, Inc. was a company that created revolutionary developments in computer based ultrasound. I was asked to create a Java application for Mac OS X that would simulate an ultrasound medical device. The tool integrated Intersonics’ highly optimized PowerPC assembly code processing algorithms into a proof-of-concept application. The application simulates the transmission of sound waves into a virtual media (human body) and reconstructs the echoes into a visual representation.

MAGICBOX, INC. [09/98 – 11/02]

(Video display and information systems company:
Maintained and extended features for video display system

I was the only Software Engineer for their Alphagen product line, which is a character generator device often used in the cable television industry. I provided bug fixes and new functionality to the Alphagen system, which included text and image displays with automated and timed movement and transition effects, NTSC/PAL video genlocking, multiple internal serial and parallel ports, multiple external serial port expansion device, image scanner, weather station, VTR, and support for multiple Alphagen remote serial and modem connections.


ATL ULTRASOUND [01/01 – 08/02]

(A world leader in medical ultrasound devices.  Later bought by Philips.)
Feasibility studies. Design, build, deploy, and maintain laboratory computer systems.

I was assigned the task of setting up a lab environment for advanced research of next-generation ultrasound device development consisting initially of 10 computer stations networked with each other, a lab server, and integrated with the corporate domain network environment. The task included selecting and purchasing the hardware, assembling them, creating a standard hard disk software installation with optimized configurations, and upgrading the systems with hardware and software updates, while managing consistent configurations. I also initiated and implemented migration from 10Mbps network with static addressing to a faster 100Mbps network with dynamic addressing, wireless support, and networked mass storage solution with data protection.

I also performed various feasibility studies to choose the best options for ATL’s new flagship product. The evaluations were for motherboard, BIOS, operating system, storage, expansion cards, and other items. My investigations into providing faster booting of Windows OS resulted in several patent submissions and currently one patent issued (see Honors section below).

One feasibility study of note is the Filing System Integrity Test (FSIT). Its purpose was to evaluate the data integrity of the Windows hard disk under power loss conditions. The tool was designed to run on a pair of computers. The master computer controlled the power supply of the target computer. It would use remote Java application techniques to generate disk activity on the target computer, turn off its power, and then upon restart evaluate the state of the hard disk. My results were given to the ATL Software Architects who eventually passed the information on to Microsoft.

ATL ULTRASOUND [05/00 – 08/01]

(A world leader in medical ultrasound devices.  Later bought by Philips.)
Support Medical Ultrasound Researchers

After I left ATL as a full-time employee, they contracted me because I was one of a handful of people in the world who could provide engineering support to academic researchers who were using ATL’s HDI 1000 medical ultrasound device to expand the current technology of ultrasound. My duties included image quality and frame rate issues, creating custom tools, software bug fixes, configuring machine to boot into a development mode, establishing Telnet and NFS to allow experimental ultrasound data to be extracted to a PC/Unix workstation for offline processing and analysis, and providing general training on HDI 1000 architecture and signal processing techniques.

HDI 1000 

ATL ULTRASOUND (full-time) [10/93 - 05/00]

(A world leader in medical ultrasound devices.  Later bought by Philips.)
Senior Software Engineer III: Designed, developed, and maintained ultrasound software

In ATL’s Research and Development group, I produced software in an object oriented, multi-application, multi-threaded, embedded, real-time environment. I had many key responsibilities, such as producing graphic and signal processing applications and libraries, creating and maintaining development environment and tools, substituting for Software Manager, providing system level optimizations, performing feasibility studies, and writing policies, procedures, and standards. Through all of this, I still maintained the lowest bug count out of approximately 15 Software Engineers, submitted several patents, and received rapid promotions and numerous monetary and engineering excellence awards.

I then joined ATL’s next-generation mid-range project team of about 10 people. I provided support in the software area for feasibility, design, and management. I adapted high-end designs to our architecture, hired and managed new team members, set up and maintained an engineering computer laboratory of about 8 computers, and provided expertise for interfacing our ultrasound product with Windows 2000 operating system. I also joined several of the high-end development teams to provide leadership and technical expertise in the areas of configuration management, policies and procedures, and long-term company goals.

My seven-year ATL appraisal average is 1.7 on a scale of 5 with 1 being exceptional.

HDI 1000 

MICRO SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (full-time) [1/92 – 8/93]

(Commercial disk utility programs for Amiga computers)
Director/Senior Programmer: Provided leadership on the Board of Directors and Product Management

I joined MSI, a startup company of about 10 people, where my job duties were vast and included all stages of software development such as program documentation, product packaging design, writing user manuals, sales to end users and distributors, customer technical support, and managing co-workers. I designed and implemented the sequel to an existing disk utility product and eventually managed the entire company for several months.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics (GPA 3.6), 1992 Southwest Texas State University


  • Patent Number: 6450958 (“Portable ultrasound system with efficient shutdown and startup”  Issue Date: 9/17/2002)
  • Patent pending:  14209737 ("Contextual Disk Menu") Submission Data: 3/13/2014
  • Nominated for “Technical Fellowship” (ATL’s highest engineering achievement)
  • Received ATL’s “Engineering Excellence” award